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Agrovelarium is a platform providing information on agroforestry

Agroforestry has significant potential to provide employment to rural and urban population through production, industrial application and value addition ventures. Current estimates show that about 65 % of the country’s timber requirement is met from the trees grown on farms. Agroforestry also generates significant employment opportunities.

It is also recognized that agroforestry is perhaps the only alternative to meeting the target of increasing forest or tree cover to 33 per cent from the present level of less than 25 per cent, as envisaged in the National Forest Policy (1988).

Agroforestry systems offer means to address to a significant extent the present challenges of food, nutrition, energy, employment and environmental security. However, appropriate research interventions, adequate investment, suitable extension strategies, incentives to agroforestry practitioners, enabling legal and regulatory environment, marketing of agroforestry produce, post-harvest processing, development of new products, and above all a forward looking National Agroforestry Policy is required to address these issues.

Invest in Agroforestry projects to protect and grow your money by growing trees. Growing trees as a timber investment has consistently out performed inflation and historically provided a perfect long-term stable investment alternative to the unpredictability of the stock market and real estate. Depending on market conditions, a tree plantation investment can double or triple on just a few short years.